Since its inception, we, at Srishtibharat have continuously strived to create initiatives that enable a positive helping hand to underprivileged women and community members. Further, given Ms Anar Mehta’s propensity towards making contributions that are more than tangible, she has also participated at several conclaves and conferences where she has spread ideas about women welfare, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, women in sports, the role of corporate social responsibility towards women empowerment across various fields.

As someone who is connected to the ground and has global ideas, Ms Anar Mehta is determined to make Srishtibharat a vehicle of positive transformation for women across the country! Our organization has studied the Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations and is committed to making a sizeable contribution towards achieving each one of them to lend a helping hand to global communities and countries working towards them for a better world for all of us.

By associating with the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the National NRI President, she is collaborating with several successful women to carve out initiatives and ideas that are capable of developing a thriving ecosystem for women to flourish, especially in business and entrepreneurship. Further, she has also associated with the MSME and Startup Forums in the capacity of a Global Brand Ambassador of International Relations. During the journey, she has won several accolades and notable mentions for her relentless service and pursuit of gender equality including an award by the United Nations for her contribution towards women empowerment!

Srishti Bharat is goal-oriented and intends to work in various arenas for women empowerment that include:

  1. Sanitation:
  2. The importance of doing meaningful work for sanitation has never been more than it is today. Inadequate access to sanitation and hygiene disproportionally affect poor women and girls Without access to sanitation facilities, many women and girls become ‘prisoners of daylight’, using only the night as privacy. Thus, it is imperative that there are concentrated and positive efforts. At Srishti Bharat, we organize workshops to educate underprivileged women about the importance and the basics of sanitation.

  3. Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and other crimes: One of the most prevalent problems that women face is the horror of human and drug trafficking. Millions of women across the globe are violated. Those women that manage to escape are scarred for the rest of their lives. We, at Srishti Bharat, are deeply committed to work alongside important stakeholders in government as well as other organizations in order to provide physical as well as emotional support necessary to rehabilitate victims of such gruesome crimes.
  4. Financial Literacy: Gender equality in terms of economic and financial opportunities is becoming increasingly relevant. The need to address the financial literacy of women and girls as a way to improve their financial empowerment, opportunities, is now being acknowledged. Indian women are underconfident when it comes to the matter of finances, they are often dependent on male members of the family. To address this issue, we carry out awareness and training sessions that help women understand the basics of financial tools.
  5. Mental Health Awareness
  6. Mental illness is associated with a significant burden of morbidity and disability. Thanks to the awareness carried out all over the world highlighting the importance of mental health and well-being, women in India are slowly able to address these problems. While the identification and acceptance of mental health problems have certainly increased, we are a long way from increasing timely treatment. Thus, we carry out awareness sessions and associate with leading mental health professionals in India that share the best practices for sound mental health.

  7. Gender Equality
  8. Gender equality is a human right, but our world faces a persistent gap in access to opportunities and decision-making power for women and men. Globally, women have fewer opportunities for economic participation than men, less access to basic and higher education, greater health and safety risks, and less political representation. To achieve this, we carry out workshops and educational sessions where we highlight the importance of true equality.

  9. Vocational and Physical Development training
  10. Young Women lack access to financial capital and have limited opportunities to gain education, knowledge and skills which lead to economic advancement. We, at Srishti Bharat, strongly believe that equipping women with the right kind of skills will be a great way to make them reach their potential.

  11. Drugs
  12. Drugs are an increasing menace to society and there are many cases where underprivileged women end up being victims of illicit drug trade and consumption. Along with the government, it is also the role of non-profit organizations to help fight this menace and save girls for a bright future. We are committed to the cause and are working towards the rehabilitation of such victims!

  13. Education
  14. Education is the foundation of a more advanced, developed and prosperous nation. We are continuously striving towards helping women find more opportunities to study and foster an innovative mindset that enables them to earn their living through dignified means!

Covid-19 Specific initiatives:

The pandemic has ravaged the economy and has brought on several problems for women across the country. To lend our hand, we have undertaken several initiatives that help them across various aspects:

  1. Medical Kit Supply: We carried out continuous efforts to supply medical kits to women who were suffering because of the pandemic
  2. Menstruation Awareness: Menstrual hygiene and health were important, especially during the pandemic, which is why we continued awareness programs for the same.
  3. Digital Initiatives: We enabled digital transformation for women-led businesses and women-led initiatives by associating with Amouneee and Hello Womeniya.
  4. Mask Movement: We catalyzed women entrepreneurship during the pandemic by helping them make masks and selling them to people in need!
  5. Domestic Violence: We provided support to victims of domestic violence during the pandemic, irrespective of their age, caste, class, or even nationality!